Belvedere Inn
2550 S. State Rd. 7 Miramar, Fl 33023
Reservations: 954-842-4510
Telephone: 954-842-4510  Fax: 954-589-2294
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Terms and Conditions

Inn's Past and Future

In the past travlers from around the world were making their way to South Florida. We like to think that most were heading our way, to stay in the very first rooms that were built on the site that's now home to The Belvedere Inn, Miramar / Hollywood, South Florida.

Over the years, this property has seen it's fair share of changes.  In 2012, a South Florida Family assumed ownership.  After a year and a half being closed for renovations we are now open with a new look.  We offer modern , clean, comfortable,  affordable lodging.

We Welcome You Back To See First Hand, Hollywood / Miramar's Premier Place To Stay!

Welcome Policy

The Belvedere Inn welcomes everyone that respects the law and the rights of others.  We reserve the right refuse service or to request the early departure of anyone who fails to honor these rules.


General Inn Policy

  • Guest must be 21 years of age to reserve a room.
  • A valid Goverment Issued photo ID of all guest must be present at time of check-in.
  • A valid Credit Card is required to be on file to reserve a room.
  • The entire Belvedere Inn is a NON-Smoking Property, smoking in a guest room will result in a $250 fee for each day of the stay.
  • Do not smoke in office or in rooms. 
  • Do Not remove the fire protection and safety devices like heat and smoke detectors.  Any violation will result in $100 fine.  Fire Inspector may impose additional fine up to $1000 and up to a year in prison.
  • Pets are NOT allowed at the Belvedere Inn, the only exception is a service dog with certificate and collar in hand at time of check in. (only if service room is avaliable)
  • Vistors are not allowed in the Inn from Midnight to 9am.  If you cause a disturbance your name will be blacklisted and denied to visit The Belvedere Inn in the future. Quiet time is strictly enforced.
  •  Cars must be registered when you check-in.  Only one car per room. No extensive work is to be done on any automobile while in the Belvedere Inn parking area. Basic car checks ie. check tire pressure, check oil (only).  Any minor repairs that ARE done in our parking lot MUST BE finished and cleaned up by 8 pm or dark, which ever comes first.
  • Items in rooms are inventoried during every check-out.  Any missing items will be charged to the card on file, also you will be black listed never to return to the Belvedere Inn in the future.
  • The Belvedere Inn limits the number of persons who may occupy any given guest room in the Inn; Maximum of 2 in a FULL or QUEEN room, Maximum of 4 in a Double room.
  • Only registered guests are allowed to use any of our onsite facilities unless otherwise authorized.
  • Bikes are NOT permitted in rooms. Bike racks are provided please use them.


Reservation Policy

  • Room Guarantee: Reservations arriving AFTER 6:00 PM may not be held without a Credit Card guarantee.  A valid Credit Card number must be on file with us to guarantee the room and reservation.
  • Your on-line or email reservation requests DO NOT constitute a reservation until you are contacted by us and a one night's deposit has been recorded. All requests and inquiries will be responded to ASAP during regular office hoours of 9:am to 5: pm.  Please note our reservations and availability inventory are subject to change without notice due to the fact it is not "real time" so for updated availabity please contact us at 954-842-4510
  • Cancellation Policy: Once you make a reservation with us, rooms will be held for your exclusive occupation in our reservation system.  We do not have a policy of over booking, therefore we guarantee your reservation.
  • Due to the nature of our business and size of the Inn, cancellations affect us significantly.  This is why we apply the following cancellation policy:
  • A minimum of 30 days notice prior to check in time is required for the cancellation / amendment of a reservation over peak periods (eg. Holiday Weekends, Special Events, etc). (Sept-April)
  • A minimum of 96 hours notice prior to check in time is required for cancellations / amendment of a reservation over non-peak periods.(May-August)
  • We reserve the right to accept reservations that are subject to a minimum stay period over peak periods.  A request to reduce the length of stay on an existing reservation during special events will not be eligible for a refund unless a Minimum of 48 hours notice is given to office staff.


Check-In & Check-Out

Check-In Time:                   4:00 pm

Check-Out Time:              11:00 am

Please let us know in advance if you will be arriving later than 4 pm.

Check out times later than one half hour past posted time may be subject to a $30 late check out fee. Check outs later than one hour posted time will be subject to a $40.00 late check our fee, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Paying Your Bill

Your entire stay is due upon arrival or at least total amout is scured on a credit card. You can settle your bill via Cash or Credit Cards:


     Credit Cards:          We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express

                                    and Discover Credit Cards

     Cash:                     Payments must be in US dollars. (if you are only paying cash, a cash deposit is required)

     Traveler Checks:  We DO NOT except Travelers Checks.



We do not condone or tolerate illegal behavior on the premises including the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors.  While we will respect the privacy of all guests, behavior that is clearly illegal or dangerous will be dealt with promptly and without warning by Miramar Public safety professionals not by our staff.



The Belvedere Inn has a Zero Tolerance policy in which it can and will refuse service or accommodations in the Inn or may remove a person who:

  • Acts in a obviously intoxicated or disorderly manner while on the Belvedere Inn property.
  • Shows ANY signs of possible drug or illegal activity, such as cars coming and going to a particular room and leaving shortly thereafter, excessive or unusual foot traffic to a particular room, or any other activity (especially MIDDLE of  the NIGHT) deemed suspicious in nature in managements opinion.  In some cases Marimar Police Department will be called to inqure and/or investigate.  We DO NOT take that sort of activity lightly.
  • Maliciously destroying or threatening to destroy any Belvedere Inn Property or furnishings is not acceptable, and guest shall be liable for any and all damages sustained.  Any loss of revenue resulting from the inablility to rent or lease rooms while said damage is being repaired.
  • Any causes of any public disturbance is not acceptable, in the event of such occurances the Miramar Police will be called.   



Rates for the Belvedere Inn are posted online.  Rates are subject to change without notice, except on advance reservations that have been confirmed.